Busty Madison Scott

Bathroom shenanigans and toilet humor are fucking great for a good chuckle! When smoking hot busty Madison Scott is on the john she had no idea we were going to barge in there and cum all over her slutty face!

When she finds out her friend put us up to the prank she insisted she gave [...]

Cute London Keys

When London Keys showed up for this bachelor party, she didn’t expect she would leave with huge cumshost overflowing from her tight little snatch! After stripping, fooling around with champagne, liquorice and whipped cream, we broke out the heavy artillery and started pounding her with load after a massive cumshot!

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Blonde Sarah Vandella

Sarah Vandella was partying with her gang, chugging beer, when the fratboys decided to blindisde her with a huge Cumshot Surprise, smack on the face.

That whore almost sprayed the whole room with beer! We quickly had her put the beer bong down and suck our cocks instead. We just emptied cumshotsurprise after load on [...]

Kinky Scarlett Pain

Scarlett Pain was chilling by the pool topless when we sneaked in for a cumshotsurprise assault. We blasted her tits with cum and that sent her ballistic!

We escaped to the pool house and ambushed her with even more fucking huge loads. She was begging to eat more cum, so we creampied the hell out of [...]

Bombshell Kenzi Marie

If Kenzi Marie would’ve listened to her mom, about not talking to strangers in cars, she wouldn’t have been Cumshot Surprised by our nasty fuckers!

And since we couldn’t leaver her alone on the streets, covered in a messy facial cumshot, we offered her a ride back to our place, where we just kept blasting load, [...]

Horny Charley Chase

Charley Chase didn’t expect such a mess when her girlfriend offered her a nice massage. In fact, Charlie didn’t even feel suspicious when she felt our special, warm cumshotsurprise hit her back…

So we decided to make sure Charlie would get the message and blasted her with a huge cumshot, right on the massage table. She [...]

Hot Tanner Mayes

Tanner Mays really wanted to make a difference in this world. She hoped that she could help help those poor men who couldn’t control their urges find some peace in their Cumshot Surprise lives. Unfortunately, she didn’t think that would mean playing cumshot target for a bunch of pervs!

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Busty Missy Stone

Missy Stone is quite the cute, adorable and gullible dumb slut. When she came over for a party she didn’t expect to get a cumshotsurprise with so much cum from the jerk off crew!

Poor teen Missy couldn’t contain her teenage hormones after seeing so many cocks, she just had to just their bones and drown [...]

Cute Eden Adams

Eden Adams likes hanging out with the guys and when she invited her friend Tricia she didn’t expect her friend to be on the phone with her boyfriend the whole time. So to get her to play, we surprised her with a huge Cumshot Surprise on her face which dripped all the way down to [...]

Cumshot Surprise for Suzanne Kelly

This episode of Cum Fiesta features the beautiful Suzanne. She was told by her girls that cumfiesta.com is the place to be and that she should come and get fucked as well as left with a messy surprise cumshot. Well she sure did want to get in on the fun and VooDoo was there to [...]